Your travel must-haves!

Your travel must-haves!

All you need for your summer travel routine!
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Wherever you will spend your summer this year, our small and handy skincare stars will keep your skin healthy & radiant!


Phytoactive Ampoules Explorer Set
Sale price€ 49,00
€ 4.083,33 /l

Use the Anti-Oxidative Ampoules in the morning to protect you skin from free radicals, e.g., sunlight and urban pollution and integrate the Illuminating Ampoules in your evening routine for extra hydration and radiance.


Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask
Sale price€ 98,00
€ 3.266,67 /l

“The Phytoactive Hydra Firm Intense Mask is ideal for harmonizing the skin – for example, after extensive exposure to the sun.” Dr. Timm Golueke


Phytoactive Cream
Sale price€ 149,00
€ 4.966,67 /l

Your solution for healthy & radiant skin! Our Phytoactive Cream hydrates your skin, lessens signs of hyperpigmentation and evens out redness & irritations.