How to transition your routine into spring
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After sticking to a good winter skincare routine for months, let's make the transition from winter to spring a little easier with these tips.

Switch to a gentle cleanser

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As the temperature rises, your skin will no longer require as much moisture. Warmer weather encourages your skin to produce more natural oils. So, instead of using thick and heavy cleansers, use a mild and light cleanser as a first step.

Exfoliate regularly

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It's important to keep exfoliating even during spring. Because the cold winter air may have left your skin dry and rough, it's critical to remove the dead skin layers to get your glow back!

Add a water-based serum

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Swap to lighter serums that are packed with anti-oxidants as you will spend more time outside.

Use a lightweight cream

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It's best to switch to a lighter moisturiser formula as the seasons change.Thicker moisturisers can make your skin too oily and cause breakouts in the spring and summer months.