Dr. Timm Golueke gives us an exclusive insight about his haircare line and what we can do to get the hair we´ve always wanted.

Q: How did you get the idea to develop hair products?

A: The hairline is much older than my Skincare line. The haircare line has been around for 8 years. As a dermatologist I often see patients with hair and scalp problems, so there was a very high demand for corresponding products.


Q: Tell us more about the shampoo and the serum!

A: The shampoo is the first product I ever developed. It contains the patented Royal Fern Complex, keratin and caffeine. The caffeine leads to increased blood circulation in the scalp and thus strengthens the hair root. The keratin helps to improve the quality of the hair and the Royal Fern Complex has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, thus also protecting the hair root and leading to a healthy scalp.

The serum is a scalp product. We always care a lot about the hair and so little about the scalp. The serum contains very high-quality ingredients, mostly on a vegetable basis. Ginkgo to stimulate the blood circulation, Kigelia fruit extract inhibits hair loss, fern extracts which have an anti-inflammatory effect and cinnamon which has an antibacterial effect and thus counteracts dandruff. Caffeine to stimulate the blood circulation and hyaluronic acid, which cares for the scalp - because only a well-groomed scalp leads to healthy and beautiful hair.

Royal Fern Hair Serum
Sale price€ 69,00
€ 138,00 /100ml


Q: Should both products be used together?

A: You should use the shampoo to wash your hair and ideally leave it on for 30 seconds to activate the caffeine. This can also make your hair a little tingly, but this is a normal effect as the blood circulation is stimulated. Then apply the hair serum and leave it to work overnight. The serum should really be used every evening and massaged in gently.


Q: What results can you achieve with the hair regime and when do you see first results?

A: You need to be patient with the results, just as with skin care, the first results are seen after 4 weeks.


Q: Besides your two products: What else can be done in your opinion to promote hair growth and healthy hair

A: First of all, it is very important to consult a dermatologist in case of hair loss in order to investigate possible causes. Iron deficiency or thyroid gland diseases must be ruled out. Sometimes medication can also lead to hair loss, in which case the doctor should take a medical history together with the patient. Otherwise, the hair and scalp are like the skin on our face. Every hair type, every scalp is different and sometimes you have to try different things to find the right regime for you.


You have to find your personal Yin and Yang. To sleep sufficiently, to take care of yourself - that is important. Hair roots are very sensitive and sometimes thinning hair can be a sign that you should take better care of yourself.